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Does the paranormal call to you? If so, you’re not the only one!  Throughout the history of humans paranormal activity has been documented. What exactly they saw is up for speculation, but as early as the cave drawings, humans have been experiencing the unknown!

Paranormal events are not always the result of a supernatural cause.  Some things are merely an act of nature that scientist have yet to uncover.  But for many, they have experienced an event that makes them jump, sends chills down their spin and often changes their view of the natural and spiritual world around them.  What is it that they experienced?  Ghost?

Here at SouthernSpooks.com, we believe that we are not the only beings that walk this earth. That is why our group, Southern Spooks, believes in finding evidence of the paranormal.  Through this site we hope to share not only the stories of our own investigations and personal experiences, but of those from anyone who wants to share their own experiences!  Please help us build up our list of haunted sites from the southern states!  Not just the one’s that everyone already know about, but those places that are off the beaten road that have a great story behind them!

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